Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  • Two weekends ago, my Mom and Grandma came up to visit and help while Brandon had the annual Sr. High Snow Camp up at Word of Life Owen Sound with his youth.  It was so great to have them up!  My dad would have liked to come up I'm sure, but now that my grandpa (dad's dad) lives with them half of the year my dad needs to stay home to care for him.  Aiden especially had so much fun ..... he played "hide and seek" with grandma and great-grandma, showed off his trains and with just generally soaked up all the attention.  Grandma (the boys' great-grandma - mom's mom) got to meet Hudson for the first time.  It was special too because Hudson's middle name (Loyal) is after my grandpa Loyal.  Thanks so much Mom for saving the day again.... we love having you up!
  • On Tuesday, February 13th, Hudson's first tooth finally broke through!  I knew it was coming as he has literally had anything and everything he can get his little hands on in his mouth for the past several weeks, and is drooling like crazy. 
  • I've been working away on my second online class that is needed to renew my Michigan Professional teaching credentials.  I'm taking a 19th Century US History course, and it's reading-intensive, but the marks are based solely on weekly quizzes and two mid-terms and a final exam. I don't actually mind this.... give me a test over a paper any day! (maybe I'm weird?)  For me, papers tend to get drawn out with all the research and I feel the need to find the perfect sources that are as current, scholarly and relevant as possible, and then I go into crazy revision mode because I can never just settle for a normal paper... why am I like this??  I hate writing papers! 
  • Bran and I had two different days to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.   We don't usually exchange gifts but rather focus on doing something special together.  But we always give cards, and Brandon's are always so sweet and heartfelt and always make my day.  Anyway, since V-day was on a Tuesday, we just had a "couch picnic" after getting the boys' down.  We so rarely watch any TV (except for PBS kids :), so it was a treat to have Armando's delivered and just park ourselves on the couch with the pizza and talk/watch Les Miserables together.  Then this past Saturday, Brandon's mom came over to watch the boys and we got to go out to The Keg for a late Valentine's dinner.... such a treat just to get out these days, and doubly nice getting to have a nice dinner and good conversation free of children. 
  • I love Sundays...they're crazy but so good to fellowship and worship with our church family!  I think our neighbors wonder why we're always rushing about, and heading in and out.  We're currently doing the "Love and Respect" series in adult Sunday School.  Brandon and I had read that book in our first year of marriage and have found it helpful, but it's the kind of thing you can always go back to and learn from others that we all deal with these things in our marriages. We came home and did the normal routine of trying to get two over-tired, cranky boys fed and down for much needed naps.  Brandon and I teach the SK- grade 2 Kid's Club once a month on Sunday night, so we had that this Sunday, and taught on Martin Luther.... I think it was a little advanced this week but hopefully they got the basics that he taught that salvation is through Faith Alone!  There are some fun, very social kids in that group! 

Verse of the week:  "'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weakness, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."  2 Corinthians 12:9