Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter (a little late)

 My parents came up for a visit from IN over Easter weekend, and we enjoyed a trip to the Detroit Zoo .... 

Aiden didn't notice all of the animals as he is still young, but he did love the peacocks.

And the grizzly bears.

And the giraffes.

It was kind of a rainy day, so we had to boot around the zoo pretty quick, but it was still fun...

Aiden saying hi to the animals.

Back at home, we enjoyed some nice time with grandpa and grandma D ...

Aiden and Grandma

Aiden and Grandpa.

Aiden and Grandma

Grandpa apparently showing him another picture of a giraffe like the one he saw at the zoo.

The biggest hit in Aiden's little Easter basket was a little dollar store wind-up chick that he loves to chase.  (I may post a video soon). 

It was a very nice Easter and after church Easter morning, we all enjoyed a big Easter dinner at Brandon's parents' as we always do.  Since Brandon is on staff at Campbell, and it's important for him to be there for Sundays like Easter, my parents have come up here the last two years, and we're enjoying this new tradition.  Recently I've also been given the "official duty" of bringing Sweet Potato Casserole to every major family holiday gathering.  I'll put the recipe up here soon.  It's delicious!!

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