Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Pregnancy with Aiden-- August 30, 2008-June 2, 2009

Brandon and I found out that we were pregnant on Saturday, September 27, 2008.   I can still remember that day now.... it was only about 5:30 or 6AM, and I'd just taken a pregnancy test.  I came back into our bedroom where Brandon was, and I was crying tears of joy, asking Brandon if he actually saw the second line on the test too.... I thought maybe I was imagining things.  We were so excited from day 1, and thankful to God for this new gift of life!  It's hard to imagine life without our sweet boy now, but at this time all we knew was that we were having a baby and he or she was exactly the child that God had planned for us all along!

We enjoyed keeping our secret to ourselves for a couple weeks (amazingly!), and then told both our parents together when my parents came up for a visit in October. 

Our first ultrasound of Aiden (though we didn't know it was a boy!) in November 2008 at about 12 weeks:

It was love at first sight after seeing our baby on ultrasound, and we couldn't believe how blessed we were.  I loved my whole pregnancy, and only had mild morning sickness for the first trimester, and a bit of swelling in my feet during the last month. 

14 weeks (very end of November, 2008):

December, 2008:

We found out it was a boy in January at our 20-week ultrasound, and quickly decided on his name:  Aiden James.

Febrary, 2009, at my Indy shower:

April, 2009 (Windsor- Campbell Baptist Shower):


End of April, 2009 (on our vacation to Gatlinburg, TN at 34 weeks):

May, 2009 (last couple weeks before Aiden's arrival):

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