Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I guess I need a new name for this old blog...

Whew... I have this funny habit of blogging for a few months, stopping for a couple years, then starting back up ... hmmm.  I guess I've been busy. 

Since I last wrote, we've added a second little boy to the family.  Hudson Loyal - born May 22, 2011.  "Hudson" because both Brandon and I love the name.  It means "son of Hud" .... how profound, right? :)  But to us it also represents the famous missionary to China who also had the same last name.  Loyal was my maternal grandfather's name.  He was a faithful, "loyal", quiet, hard-working, outdoors man who lived all his life in Wisconsin and worked on the farm and in the fire tower (do I have that right, mom?). 

Hudson is not so little anymore - he's 8 months now.  He is our sweet gift from God.

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