Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hudson's Birth Story

Hudson surprised us by arriving exactly 1 month early. I had not felt any movement all day Sat May 21, and so was told I needed to come into triage. I arrived around 7pm.. They hooked me all up and found Hudson's heartbeat no problem. Then his heartrate dipped very low, and they went into emergency mode throwing an oxygen mask on me and calling the doctor. His heartrate went back to normal. Dr. Hasen did a quick ultrasound and found that my amniotic fluid was very, very low, and told me I couldn't leave. He said Hudson needed to come out as soon as possible. So I called Brandon and he called his mom and arranged for her to come over to care for Aiden and then he packed up and got to the hospital. Dr. Hasen was wonderful and so comforting and the whole delivery was amazingly easy. They got me right in a room, put a foley catheter in to get things going, started pitocin, broke my water. This was all by maybe midnight. I was dialating, but not extremely fast and started feeling some pain. I told them I wanted the epidural earlier this time because of how painful Aiden's delivery was. Even though this epidural was delayed about and hour or hour and 1/2 after I asked for it, I was able to work through the contractions with Brandon's encouragement. I got the epidural maybe around 1 to 2 am, and felt so good after that. Brandon slept but I was just too excited to sleep and also wondering how Aiden was (it was the first night we'd ever spent away from Aiden). I was still only dialated to about 4 cm around 5 - 5:30am, so the nurse and doctor told me he wouldn't come until maybe that afternoon. Soon after that though I started feeling alot of pain very low that came on very quickly and got worse and worse very fast. I started crying and calling for Brandon to wake up and get the nurse because seemed to be quickly. They talked about topping up the epidural but didn't check me because they just had like 15 mins earlier. Finally I was really crying and feeling like pushing so one nurse said, "maybe we should check her again". Sure enough, I went from 4 cm to 10 cm in about 45 mins. They called for Dr. Hasen and once he got in I pushed once right away, he said not to push too hard because the baby was coming out so fast. I pushed one more little push and Hudson basically fell out. He was born at 6:36am.

He cried and we were in love immediately. It was so amazing to hold him and just look at his sweet little face .... he was so tiny.  He was 4 lbs, 9 oz, and measured at the weight of a 33 week old, even though he was 36 weeks.  A few minutes later he was being taken down to the NICU because he was so small and his blood sugar was a little off. He ended up spending 15 days in the NICU for low birth weight and not eating. God provided wonderful nurses and Dr. Adie (who was Aiden's neonatalogist already!), and gave us the strength to somehow care for Aiden at home and Hudson in the NICU, even while Brandon could only take about a week off from work at the church. We were so thankful for the help of our parents and siblings and church family at this time in caring for Aiden, when I had to be in the NICU with Hudson, and in bringing meals. We couldn't have done it without their help and prayers for sure! I pumped and pumped milk during this time, around the clock every 3 hours and tried to breastfeed/bottle feed every three hours.  We went back and forth from home and the NICU, and we couldn't wait for the day we could bring Hudson home to be with his brother. Hudson needed tube-feeding for quite awhile (because he could only take a few mls sometimes by breast or bottle at the beginning) and he also had to have a spinal tap to check for infection because he was eating so little (thankfully it came back fine!). Finally he started eating enough to not need the tube, and came home on June 6th!! My mom was able to come up on that day to be with us and help us... she was truly amazing! God provided for us in so many ways during the whole NICU time and gave us strength we didn't know we had to keep caring for our two boys even though they were apart, and we're very thankful. We were so happy to finally have our two boys under one roof!! Hudson weighed just over 5 lbs when he was able to come home, and I'm so thankful that I was able to keep up with all the pumping (despite not being able to breastfeed) and provide him with all breastmilk until almost 4 mos.   He is such a sweet joy in our lives, and so loved by daddy, mommy and big brother.  We pray that one day he will grow to love and serve God.

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